Whether Air, Land, or Sea, Get A Pilot’s Eye View Of Your

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Elevated Imagery For Maximum Impact

Cinema-Quality 6K Drone Footage Day or Night

High-Resolution 20MP Camera For Premium Stills

FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot

16+ Year Military Service

Aerial Photography and Videography Services In The Gulf Coast And Florida Panhandle

Whether you’re selling a retail complex or an apartment building, aerial drone footage gives you the best view of all there is to see from every possible angle. 

Get the perfect backdrop to promote your building, property, and surrounding location for decision-makers at every level and put your best digital foot forward. 

Elevate The Image, Increase The Value.

  • Malls and Retail Shopping Centers
  • Schools and Academic Campuses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Office Space
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses


Commercial Facility Drone Footage Projects

Get a comprehensive look at the current state of your facilities for insurance repairs, improvements, or planned growth. 

  • Hospitals and Medical Complexes
  • Retail Buildings
  • Agricultural Operations
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Amusement Parks
  • Banks and Financial Institutions


Construction Site Inspections + Progress Updates

Large commercial construction projects, or widespread residential developments present several challenges when it comes to tracking progress. Boots on the ground are helpful, but even they cannot see it all at once. 

Get up to speed with 6k clarity on your latest commercial construction project with skilled aerial videography services. 

Presentation-Ready Footage and Stills

Raw footage works for in-house presentations, but potential buyers, investors, and shareholders expect something more. Litchfield Media’s Drone Services offers editing services to ensure you walk away with video footage designed for the end viewer so you can turn your files into print media, online tours, or promotional videos. 

What began as a tool for the different branches of the military has now filtered down into civil, commercial, and even consumer-level uses. 

Drones can fly where helicopters can’t and operate on a far more reasonable budget, making the benefits more accessible than ever. Goldman Sachs reported over $17 billion dollars spent in the US on drones and drone-related tech between 2017 and 2021.[1] 

Drones can do more than just capture amazing high-quality photographs. Some are equipped to help first responders fight fires and track illegal activities. They help insurance adjusters and city governments survey damages after a natural disaster.

They allow engineers to monitor pipelines, wires, and hubs without costly helicopter fuel and staffing. They allow farmers to monitor the state and progress of crops and livestock without walking every square acre. 

Today, we even have drones that content creators use to feed their viewers new and exciting content every week. The uses for drone capabilities are nearly limitless. What’s yours? 

More About the Drone Industry

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Services founded in 2022 by a Coast Guard veteran, professional drone footage is an experience-oriented solution for business owners, real estate agents, homeowners, construction companies and property managers. Nick Litchfield is a dedicated aviation professional currently serving in the US Coast Guard at the Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama. As an MH-65E Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner, he is responsible for flight, simulator, and lecture instruction as well as developing course curriculum and training publications. He has previously served as an Aviation Survival Technician, specializing as a Rescue Swimmer Instructor, enlisted Flight Examiner, and Aviation Life Support Equipment Manager. Nick has served in the Coast Guard for 17 years.

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Military Helicopter Pilot
Certified + Registered FAA Drone Pilot
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